Theory: That When You Love Yourself, It’s Easier To Love the World

Love; it comes in all different kinds of packages.

One thing about the English language that can be very confusing for others unfamiliar to it, is that we use the word “love” for different levels of liking something. In this particular post, we’re talking about the kind of love that changes oneself. Once you experience this love, there’s no turning back.

Much like enlightenment, once your heart has touched the brisk of it, the only way to go, is forward. This love is not like the way you love your dog, or your favorite socks, or the warm sensation you get in your tummy on Christmas morning. No, it is much like a cure. A cure to a cancer. A cancer for persevering negative thought involving stress, worry, heartache, confusion, low-self esteem, anger, hatred, jealousy, grudge, materialism, depression, personal experience with your family, friends, life, the world, God.

Sounds too good to be true? Maybe for some it is. But it all starts with your mind. It all starts with forgiveness. It starts with admitting that the way your life has become, is all because of yourself. YOU made it that way, and you can change it. You have the power of your mind. Once you can accept who you are, (even if it’s not who you want to be) you have already changed. You can tell yourself you took a step forward. Don’t be afraid from what you don’t know, let it inspire you to keep going. When you do, you will be set free.

You can start to forgive others, old friends, parents, the world, and even life for what it really is. All of the things done wrong, you can understand. Look beyond the flaw, and know that it’s so insignificant. Just listen… because you can. You’re alive and that is wonderful. You’re wonderful.

Love yourself, and you’ll love the world.