Theory: That When You Love Yourself, It’s Easier To Love the World

Love; it comes in all different kinds of packages.

One thing about the English language that can be very confusing for others unfamiliar to it, is that we use the word “love” for different levels of liking something. In this particular post, we’re talking about the kind of love that changes oneself. Once you experience this love, there’s no turning back.

Much like enlightenment, once your heart has touched the brisk of it, the only way to go, is forward. This love is not like the way you love your dog, or your favorite socks, or the warm sensation you get in your tummy on Christmas morning. No, it is much like a cure. A cure to a cancer. A cancer for persevering negative thought involving stress, worry, heartache, confusion, low-self esteem, anger, hatred, jealousy, grudge, materialism, depression, personal experience with your family, friends, life, the world, God.

Sounds too good to be true? Maybe for some it is. But it all starts with your mind. It all starts with forgiveness. It starts with admitting that the way your life has become, is all because of yourself. YOU made it that way, and you can change it. You have the power of your mind. Once you can accept who you are, (even if it’s not who you want to be) you have already changed. You can tell yourself you took a step forward. Don’t be afraid from what you don’t know, let it inspire you to keep going. When you do, you will be set free.

You can start to forgive others, old friends, parents, the world, and even life for what it really is. All of the things done wrong, you can understand. Look beyond the flaw, and know that it’s so insignificant. Just listen… because you can. You’re alive and that is wonderful. You’re wonderful.

Love yourself, and you’ll love the world.


A Trip Unlike The Rest

Namaste Friends…

This Halloween was very much unlike the rest. Especially this LSD trip. It’s not too often that I consume LSD, and I could count on both my hands the amount of times I have. It’s not too often that I take psychedelic drugs on a normal basis either (only shrooms being the only other psychedelic I have consumed and the last time was February of this year.) Anywhoo, I feel the need to express the amount of drug use to my audience because the amount of drugs you take, definitely can change you and your perspective in life.

This experience I had, made a huge impact on my life in such a small 10 hours of being under the influence. It was the first time I went to a party on a psychedelic with many people around me instead of my small group of friends both with familiar and unfamiliar faces. I consumed 2 drops of LSD, each with an hour between doses. After the second drop, it wasn’t long until I lost track of time and I entered into the realm of beautifully sparkled faces and glowing, radiating, vibrant colors. For the first couple hours it was all giggles and observing until I became lifted and more consciously aware of anything and everything around me. I was full of energy, curiosity and warm, fuzzy, good feelings.

I wandered around the house for quite some time and with each passing moment, I felt more and more detached from my body. Looking down at my body as if I were observing myself from up above. I wasn’t scared, in fact, I hadn’t felt better in my life. Although, there was something particularly strange and uncontrollable that I hadn’t felt before. This part of my trip is really hard for me to put into words. More so, I remember the feelings that I had and not so much what I was thinking at this certain point. I remember being in a room with many, many people. Everyone was so happy and having a great time laughing, joking, cheering, smiling, jumping. Knowing that everyone in this house was under the influence, we all checked up on each other often asking how we were doing. There was something so unreal about the connection that linked me to these people. Like the way a plant, animal, cloud, mountain or river all works together to keep balance to Earth, that is how I felt with these people. Like we were literally just part of the land doing our part to keep things along and checking up with each other along the way to make sure we were doing okay and doing our part. I hadn’t felt more at home then I ever have before. Some of these people were strangers, others acquaintances and the rest were close friends, but it didn’t matter how much I knew them, what mattered was that we were all connected and cared about each other, giving each other advice, hugs and a place to pit stop in our journey in life, to remind us of how hard things may be, but we are all in this together, for the sake of life.

This is just a much more simplified version of what my experience was like, especially because being in the moment is much more real and vivid and partly because acid makes you feel incredibly sensitive to everything. But here is what I took out of what I had gone through that trip- I have a theory, that drugs are here on Earth and they serve an incredible purpose for us humans. A purpose to help us find our OWN personal purpose and everyone’s may be different. That doing drugs, helps us escape the reality that we are in, and those who are addicted to escaping reality, are on a trip to discovering what is really important in life, especially if they are always wanting to leave the life they live. Those that never get out of doing drugs, I feel very sad for. I feel sad that they couldn’t find their purpose.

I have a theory, that psychedelics take us to a point of being so high and consciously aware, that it is so similar to being dead (without your body.) If this is true, when we come back to our body and our high wears off, we can choose to appreciate the life that we have, or not. The present, is a gift we say. Some choose to be selfish and unappreciative to that gift, and without realizing that we should appreciate the gift of life more than anything, those will be sad and dissatisfied with their lives. They will be filled with an unattractive ego, materialistic behavior, and broken relationships/friendships.

There’s nothing in the world like the psychedelic adventure I had that night, and I wouldn’t take it back for the world. From here on out, I am going to refrain from consuming anymore LSD in my life, for I have found my purpose.