We are all slaves…

The moment we are born into this world, we are tied into society. We are to devote our lives to it. A predestined employee to the organization of work. Brainwashed into religion, controlled by time, manipulated by our environment and set apart by our differences. Stress fills our minds, distracting us from what’s real. Everyone’s in a hurry, always wanting what they don’t have and conditioned to be influenced by what everyone else is doing. We don’t dare to question what it is we are actually getting ourselves and our future into, though the underlying truth is right before our eyes. we choose to ignore it. Blinded and distracted by the casualties of materialism and we are controlled by it, saddened by it, pretending to love what we have become. A life we have been gifted, but is it a gift if we can’t do what we want with it? We are limited. Our imaginations are diminished by control and power which molds our perspective. A system meant to protect us as a whole, instead we continue to pursue. If we want to save our homeland, we ought to change our reality. If we don’t do so quickly, extinction among our resources will become vast. Forcing us into instinct and survival and just as fate has it, it will have us. As if we thought it would be a surprise, surely it wont. Surely the process will repeat.

Slaved to our own minds.


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