Universal Intellignece

A have a theory…

That like genetic DNA and how parents can pass off a physical or mental disorder,

we pass on a psychological intelligence to our offspring and leaves me to believe, that is how we advance dramatically and become more intelligent through every generation.

Have you ever noticed how quick some children catch on to their surroundings more than other children and it surprises us?

For instance, some children can understand bad behavior and ask their parents about why they smoke cigarettes or why they cuss so much without understanding completely about WHY it’s bad, they just know it is.

It’s a surprising and strange intelligence we all notice, and with time, it’s easy to compare and see results between the less intelligent and more intelligent children.

We know that with time, we learn more about the world around us, and evolution helps us prove that not only do our physical bodies evolve, but our minds do with it.


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