Time; it is a gift in which it is also our very own enemy.

Without you, there would be no him.

Without I, there would be no you.

Time has its way of making everything be, how it is.

Everyone has their own time, not everyone knows their time.

You came into my time, and influenced the way I would live my life.

But only a matter of time it would be, until you understood my time.

Until that time, I know that you are worth my time.

No matter how much time lies between,

I know now, that it is worth more to me, to have you involved in my time.

Than to never have you in my time.

Time spend together,

Time spent away,

Both as equally important.

When I think about you,

The words and actions that dictate what I say or do,

rely on the time that I have known you,

And you know that.

Your time is important to me.

The time we spend together,

helps me know you.

The time we spend away,

helps me miss you.

But these times,

our different.

Some times,

are sad.

And the only thing separating us,

was timing.

Maybe I’ll see you another time.


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