Using Psychedelic Drugs as a Therapeutic Self-Evaluation


I feel different.

The world is a waving, vibrating, more alive than it ever seemed before. The ceiling now consists of a liquid, stenciled ocean.

My world has changed into an unfamiliar yet so real lucid dream. How can this be? Why is there even such a thing that can allow humans to experience this Wonderland? Why do I want to keep going back? In this world, nothing else matters besides Love.

Everyone knows how to do it and it feels so right. This is why it changes people. This is why people are never the same again after they experience this world. We might be trippin’, but it’s a hell of an experience, and everyone should be able to experience it for themselves without judgement.

I feel so smart when I come back to reality. But what I’ve learned has always been a foggy, gray area after my mind has plunged into a state of psychedelic infatuation.

Wonderland is all I think about.

But what about reality? It’s hard to not want to go back to it.

Wonderland offers me escape. A beautiful, colorful, new land where I can learn and be someone new, leave all of my problems behind, an easy way out. But there’s no doubt that I question to myself…

Am I cheating my own mind? Why do I always want to take the easy way out? Leaving all my memorable years of living behind? All of the answers lie within somewhere deep.

“Everything isn’t always as it seems” they say.

Maybe everything is as it seems, and it’s just that simple.

There’s a reason why they call it TRIPPIN’. If “trippin” is short for “tripping” and tripping means to go away and come back, than psychedelics must obviously be a very conscious trip.

A trip to Wonderland.

What the most amazing thing about this trip to Wonderland does for me, is to help me realize, that if I am wanting to stay in Wonderland, and it’s always better than home.. There’s something in life that I need to reconsider..

I am not happy with the life that I have.

I am not as thankful as I say I am. I am not as “great” as I tell everyone I am when they ask. Maybe the media is to blame, or society, our parents, or our school teachers. But the possibilities of being alive, is that there are so many. That’s the amazing thing that we get to experience. Life gives us a chance to take all opportunity and make it real.

So in the end, there are no excuses. There are only opportunities.

And in this reality, my motivation is opportunity. And I am passionate about wanting to make my life great by surrounding myself with the people the I love, and the people that love me. I will achieve life-long satisfaction within myself by doing the things that make me feel the best; traveling, meeting new people, forgiving, learning, thanking, loving and making my life the wonderland It should be without the use of psychedelics.

And one day, I’ll learn that I have been in Wonderland, the entire time.

I feel different.


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